Your phone got theft?

How We can find your mobile and how you can secure your mobile phones IMEI

 If you stand by any of the two things mentioned, do not worry you’re at the right place.

Search 4 sure provides simple and the most effective way to find a lost phone.

That’s not it, we also commit on providing better and 2X search results from any other “find my phone” portal. On the top of that we also provide a free IMEI check for everyone for tracing your phone and assuring its safety. Your phone is your confidant, it has it all inside so its better to secure it from future theft or sudden loss.

We know how important is a phone for everyone, we usually dump every single detail from personal information to business information it’s all in there.

We understand how your phone can be misused in lot many ways. Obviously, nobody wants their phone to fall in wrong hands.

Do you fear any such situation happening with you? Have you suffered any such loss in the past before?

If your answer is yes, then we are here for you. The process is very simple too.

Most people lose hope after the phone is stolen assuming that the thief would immediately replace the SIM card and then it's impossible to track the phone. But you can still track lost phone using IMEI.

For that Search 4 sure is your only resort as our service run smooth on both website and mobile application for the purpose of security.



IMEI is a unique 15-digit identifier for a cell phone. IMEI can be found on battery of your phone or on packaging sticker that came with your hand set. For most of the modern handsets, IMEI can also be found by typing *#06# key sequence on your phone.

IMEI makes use of GPRS to locate your hand set. 


  • Search 4 sure brings a lot of feature to secure your phone from any future hardships.
  • We serve a network that gives security to almost every kind of cell phone, from low budget keypad phone to high budget smart phone.
  • In order to ensure your phone’s security, our system takes data from user registration details and do not worry we keep this information safe in our server and only use it when the system needs it.
  • The already existing details then collides with the complaint registered by the user and cross check the IMEI number.
  • Further, the report is sent to the user.


We are different because most of the apps and services available in the market is either paid or works on freemium model but our service is totally free an we ensure total security of your phone.

Once the phone goes missing, the worst thing that happens is that they become untraceable.

We enables you to Track Mobile Location By IMEI Number or to

Track Lost Phone with IMEI Number.